🔎Leakage of credential data for full control over the target.

source: https://melguerdawi.medium.com/leakage-of-credential-data-for-full-control-over-the-target-a7297c735b40

Hello everyone, it has been a whole year since I first discovered a vulnerability, so I have decided to publish an article about it.

The first thing I did was to collect the JavaScript files of the website using this command :

katana -list scope.txt -jc | grep “\.js$” | uniq | sort | tee JS.txt

  • katana is a tool that help us to collect endpoints from target

  • scope.txt is my target scope

  • grep “\.js$” using to grep only JS files

  • uniq and sort using to delete duplicate URLs

  • tee JS.txt using to store output on file called JS.txt

after extract all possible JS links, i write simple python code that scrap every link, and check if there is any sensitive data on it.

import requests
from termcolor import colored as cl

target = open('JS.txt', 'r').read().split('\n')

def Extract(url):
        req = requests.get(url).text
        sen = ['username=', 'email=', 'api=', 'password=','secret=']
        for s in sen:
            if s in req:
                print(cl(f"{s} in {url}", color='red'))
    except Exception as e:
for url in target:

and i have some false positive, but i decided to check some manual

And what I did not expect happened, i found username, and password for third party application.

i go to third party application, and tried to login with this credintials, and its success

  • third party application was a manager for my target APIs, it was contain all APIs, and i have full control to edit or delete them.

i tried to use same credintials to login the target admin panel but it failed, so i report it as it.

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